Friday, July 08, 2005

Kuching - Day 3, HC people, the poser cat, RWMF I

Day 3

Characters : Chaiu Fang, Mona, Me
Side Character : Ramon
Meeting a hospitality Club (HC) member today. Her name is Chaiu Fang and she is going to bring me to makan Laksa Sarawak. Yum. Ramon drop me off and surprise surprise there is someone else there too. Come to think of it I think Chaiu Fang mentioned she was bringing a friend but daylight render my brains a little inactive. The other person is Mona. She is a HC member too (this is sounding like some cult meeting huh?). Anyway back to breakfast. I am not too sure where we are but I think the area is Bormill. Finally I get to taste Laksa Sarawak. The coffee shop is pack like mad. Hmm food must be good I guess. I saw Anthony but I wasn’t too sure he remembered me la. Yea I am shy. Well the Laksa tasted quite good. Very different from the Assam Laksa that I am used to. The gravy is very rich in santan (coconuts milk). Don’t remember any prawns on it though.

We chit chatted and I found out the Chaiu Fang hosted a couple of people already. Mona is going to host a French girl sometime soon in Miri. Ahh good food and good company what more can a person ask for.
Its shopping time. Headed to Riverside to do some damage. I never got the hang of shopping with people. Some how I can’t take my time when I know people are waiting for me.

Damage control :
chaiuFang – nil
Paikyin – 1 shell bracelet,1straw bag while contemplating on a cat mug.
Mona – Couple of bracelets and necklace. Contemplating an Iban cloth.

Shopping Queen Title goes to Mona :D

Anyone who loves shopping should definitely go shop with Mona. Dang. Well the againI have a habit of checking things out and spending my dosh on souvenirs on the last day of the trip so watch out Mona grrr.

Ok enough shop talk.
The story of the poser cat and Vespa.
Vespa oh my dear Vespa. Every since I saw you in a dark olive suit in Penang I just can’t help taking pictures of you. I cross the chains confining you. I bend down and the sleeping cat under you got up and started walking towards me. I thought that you were going to send your love to me, but NO, all the cat wanted was its picture taken with you. Oh
how I fumed but there was naught I could do.

In reality the cat got up just to get its picture taken and you know what is the best thing, the eyes are close the entire time. Ahh what a vain little cat.

First day of RWMF

Characters :
Ramon, Rosheen, Usama, Me
Side Characters :
Rina, Rick, Other people who gave me free beer

No workshop today because the window of the Tiara (the car) needed to be fixed. The window just refuse to budge up. Window no go up, no go. In the end Ramon’s dad was kind enough to drive us to the Sarawak Cultural Village in Santubong where the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) is held. First stop, check out the booth. I am a sucker for clothes. These tops are really nice but I just can’t afford them. RM75 a piece for the top and RM 85 for the sarong. Well if I can’t buy it I guess the next best thing is to keep a picture of it. Took a quick walk around the Cultural Village looking at the different sturctures and archiectures. Didn’t bother looking at the Chinese sturcuture considering the fact that I am Chinese.
Dinner time. Got Kolo Mee another Sarawak delicacy. It tasted a little like the instant Indo Mee you could get at the supermarkets. Not too impressed.

There isn’t as many people as I expected. Maybe its because it’s a Friday night? I got my lips wet with tuak. Not too bad. It’s a little like bitter sweet beer. Alcohol was free flowing with strangers offering one another beer and wine. Where do these guys come from? The oldest performer of the event is from Belize. I think he is about 74 years old. It is so impressive that he made the harp, violin and fiddle all by himself. The crowd definitely got in the spirit of things when he came off stage to show us a local dance. Apparently the guys are suppose to sort of dance hop around with one foot and the woman who is dancing with the dude are suppose to try and trip them with their skirts. Ok Bollywood rolling on the hills ala Star Wars episode 2 is coming to my mind.
Apparently its to show that the guy is macho or something. Especially if he doesn’t fall or manage to avoid those damn skirts.
I really like the crowd. There was a mix of people. Foreiners, locals, ah mahs, ang mohs etc… The coolest people of the night is the group of ah mahs and and ah kong doing the joget. It just goes to show that the older generation still rocks. Dance a hell lot and stumbled in a drunken stupor once..ohh I don’t know I don’t keep count, but hey I am OK. The great thing about the entire night is the fact that people are dancing and having fun. Non of this icky grinding-my-pelvis, I-want-to-score kind of dancing. This is dancing in a I don’t care how about anything I am having fun mode. There were strangers dancing together regardless of race or color. If Miss Universe wants world peace maybe she should organized an event like this.
Lots of dancing with the alcohol waning its homeward bound for me.

Shannon a group of Polish, playing Celtic music with Scottish kilts on is the best performance according to Paik_Yin-O-Meter.

Ohh yea Usama didn’t come back with us. He left us for Rina. sob

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