Saturday, July 09, 2005

Kuching - Day 4, shopping + RWMF II

Day 4
I want to go to MJC. Lady with Lizard Hat told me you could get 2nd hand stuff there. Missed the 2nd day of the workshops. The day was spent shopping and the best buy I got was a velvet black hat for RM 3.99.

The sun was setting and we were heading to Santubong. The sunsets in Sarawak are one of the best I have ever seen.

The beat at the performances today is a little more mellow as compared to yesterday. Hmm it seems that there is a bigger crowd today. Maybe its because it’s a Saturday night and everyone just want to enjoy themselves.
Longest singing session ever : the group from Pakistan.
At first I was super impress with the vocal range but honestly after half an hour (or maybe less) I got a little bored. Still you got to admit that singing for an hour plus is commendable.
The group Namgar playing Mongolian music is pretty interesting.
The old Spice boys are very entertaining and I heard the name Jimi Hendrix and Stephen Hawkings but the crowd was rather roudy so I couldn’t hear the rest of the lyrics.
When the Italian group came on the swirls of the gypsy dance is intriguing. I really got to get a gypsy skirt.
The most upbeat of them all for tonight is from Colombia.
Petrona Martinez are a group of musicians and dancers with a lead singer of 66. The rhythms are upbeat and when they dance it makes you want to move your feet too.

By the time the final group from Algeria Djamel Laroussi was up I was a little pooped out. The were very energetic and lively and I throughly enjoyed the music but I couldn’t dance at all. Me cannot dance no more, but I did get a couple of shots of people dancing eheh.


honeybosh said...

looks like u had a good time!

weedflower said...

Ha its more like I was taking pictures of people having a good time. - Grumpy me

Hell yea. Burp... I had a great time - Drunken woman speaking