Sunday, July 10, 2005

Kuching - Day 5, workshops and the tree of life RWMF III

Day 5

Characters :
Ramon and Me
Side Characters :
Usama, the beach party goers, Rainforest people

Yea finaly we made it to the workshops. Choices choices. Which workshops should we go to. First stop being a Malaysian and living on rubber time, we were late for the songs and stories On Mayan cilivilization workshop. There was monsters and wonton women rampaging in the Iban house…well at least in our minds and in the stories.

Next on the menu is by my favourite group from yesterday before Petrona Martinez from Columbia and this time there were men trying to get another mans woman and fights happening. Well at least that is how I interprete what is going on in the dance.
Man can those drummers really beat those drums. At one time one of them were going so fast that it seems that both of his hand become one. There was a bit of a naughty dancing going about with some gungho girls from the crowd.

The call of the Celts reeled us in. Well guess who is heading the next workshop ? Those hot Polish guys playing Celtic music in Scottish kilts. Yeap its Shannon. The full band wasn’t there dang, still there is lots of rhythms and it is basically a jamming session with a twist. Paused for a Q and A session then its back to jamming again. I really like the atmosphere. Its goood music with a laid back atmosphere. After the session I just felt compelled to buy thier CD. RM 75 is a little pricey for me but heck it was worth it. Wao talk about great marketing

Phew workshop is over.Hung around at the lake a bit. After some time a raft with a group of kids and 2 adults floated by. They challenge another raft with 4 Chinese but they back out. They seem to be having fun especially when and they almost fell in.

Orang Ulu Long house
Decided to have a look around at the Orang Ulu’s (Orang = people) long house. Admitedly I am a little intrigued by the Orang Ulu and if I am not mistaken the Orang Ulus are a tribe of people who worships nature. Their long house is really impressive with big poles sticking out of the ground as a base. With bright swirls on the walls I can say that it’s the most colorful house in the village. I think I would like to stay in that house the next time I come around. My faourite design is the one that I call the tree of life. Well it’s my name for that picture/design. The most photographed person of the day can be found at the Orang Ulu’s house. He had a giant moth that flew onto his shorts and it was a beautiful moth. It wings look like the tree bark that can be found on most of the souvenirs in Sarawak. Really beautiful.

There aren’t as many people as yesterday. The music started out with a slow beat to it and everyone was just relaxing. Dang forgot to get a bottle of beer. Nah had my share on the first day. Back to the music. Chulalongkorn from Thailand held a particular interest for me considering the fact that I visited their university a year ago. Ramon said one of the girls is nervous when she had to do a solo but she warmed up later on.
Finally I can hear what the Old Spice Boys are singing about and man they are funny. Everything was laid back until The Foghorn String Band from the USA. I was off to the ladies and when I returned there was a massive crowd. Where did all these people come from? Almost everyone in front was dancing and hopping about. I did a bit of a jiggle but I just could keep up with the crowds massive energy. Everyone is enjoying themselves to Foghorn. The crowd is crazy. Next up Yelemba D’Abidjan from the Ivory coast. Now this group is special. They had a fire breathing monster on stage. (Well ok it was a guy in a mask that spurted embers ). Loads of dancing on and off stage with tons of drumming.
The finale had everyone of the performers up on stage. Interesting to note that the Pakistan group headed straight to the mic. The Pakistan group dissappear for a while and magically reappear in front of the stage soon after. Everyone was playing their instrument (don’t get naughty now) or singing. Ramon, me and a caucausian was singing a tune together with the performers. Seriously I think that point in time I felt like the audience and performers were one. At least on my part it felt that way.
The music is gone but everyone is still milling about. I think most of us just didn’t want the festival to be over. The leftovers only got a move on when the security came.
Hmm…appanrently the party isn’t over for some of us. Found out from Ramon and Usama that there was going to be a beach party at Camp Permai. I guess the night isn’t over yet. Usama is a happy little boy tonight. Maybe a little tipsy. De-ja vu. Reminds me of my state on the first day of the festival. A little too much tuak.eheh. The best thing about tuak according to Usama is that tuak don’t give you a hangover. Neat ehh.

Camp Permai look like a really nice place to stay in. I really hope that V-Lin and Des can come with me next year. I now know why this festival is the best music festival in the world. Everyone is just so friendly and unpretentious.

Beach After Party
I think it was magical for me not because of the people but more of the surroundings. I have never seen so many stars in the night sky. It all felt rather magical with drums and especially with the fire licking away at the dry wood and leaves. Someone commented that it seems more cult like and it freaked him out a little. Me? Sand is defintely harder to dance in but I definitely had fun. Time to head home but was held up because Usama felt sick

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